Oct 062013

We don’t have much experience wake boarding at all, but this time we were invited by some of the best. Thanks to fellow crossfitters/wakeboard rippers Charlotte and Cory, as well as their awesome friends with the boat! We had an amazing Sunday morning session with an empty river and perfect conditions. Check out the video for the highlights… and feel free to skip to the end for some hydrofoil action and the wipeout reel.


Sep 282013


Yes, we actually made chocolate from tree to table! Once our cacao fruit was ripe, the process to turn it into chocolate involved a few steps. First, the easy part was cutting the fruit open to taste the pulp and separate the seeds. Next, fermenting a small batch was a little more tricky. We wrapped the cacao seeds in banana leaves and stuffed it into a small mason jar, stirring daily for about one week. According to our research, somehow banana leaves supposedly help fermentation.


Although we were unsure if the fermentation actually worked, we moved on to the final stage of roasting anyway. One hour in the oven at 275 degrees did the trick. This was the exciting part because the house started smelling like nutty chocolate. Above are the first cacao fruits that we experimented with, and the three images below show the whole roasted cacao seed, the inedible outer shell that we removed and the finished cacao nibs. Can’t wait to perfect the process with our next batch!


Aug 202013


Thought I’d take out my trusty DSLR plus a nice long lens and old school filter to grab this shot of the moon coming up over our neighborhood. By the time I was all setup, I got pretty lucky with the cloud placement and a pretty cool lens flare.

Aug 172013


Now back at work and settling into our schedules, it was nice to get away for a little camping trip with friends at one of the best spots on the island. We had a perfect weekend eating great food and relaxing in the shade while taking in views of Polihale and the Napali Coast.

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Jul 142013


Thanks to Charlotte & Cory for motivating us to go on a “little” hike with them. After one previous attempt, our goal was to complete the Wai’ale’ale Blue Hole Hike; however, our late start and minimalist approach left us racing against daylight, hungry, tired and defeated for a second time. We did make it to what is known as the weeping wall, only about a half mile away from the blue hole before turning back. A half mile of this terrain equated to nearly an additional hour round trip and it was already nearly dusk. We had to really hustle back to the car and barely made it before dark. Of course, we were able to spare a few extra minutes for the photos.


Jul 102013


We had an amazing time traveling through California! First stop was in Oxnard to hang out with my Dad and check in with the surf scene in Ventura. We didn’t score any waves but the great company, sunset walks and fish dinners made up for it. Next stop was was at Jason’s house for the 4th of July with Debbie, Bella, Ava and Jack. We spent quality time with Debbie and the kids and enjoyed Jason’s gourmet cooking. We even got to join in the neighborhood firework celebration complete with skateboards, pogo-sticks and barbecued banana bombs. Before our final destination, we made a quick pit stop in Santa Cruz to catch up and visit with old friends. Concluding in San Francisco for the wedding of Matt & his Julia was the perfect grand finale of our trip before heading home. Check out the photo slideshow of our adventure…

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Jun 202013

Summer is definitely the best time of year! We joined the Kapaa Crossfit crew and headed out together to cool off during the afternoon heat. Between sliding down waterfalls and swinging off ropes, it’s great to have friends who like to go out and play. Sliding tandem off a waterfall with Julia in front can now be checked off our summer to-do list. Don’t worry moms, safety was our biggest concern while climbing to the highest possible jumping off point!

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Jun 162013

cave.jpg width=

What started off as an errand to check out some used stereo equipment from a random craigslist seller turned into a full-fledged adventure complete with hiking, snorkeling, and walking through a deep dark cave. Luckily we had our masks and fins in the car with us. Although unplanned, it turned out to be one of the best days of summer and also a great reminder to continue exploring the island.

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Jun 122013

bike.jpg width=

When the rain comes and grays the sky throughout the day it’s much easier to stay home and relax. Especially when we’re recovering from a strenuous week at Kauai Crossfit, there’s nothing better than sipping a buttery cup Bulletproof Coffee at home on the couch. After a successful day of being hermits, Julia and I dusted off our bikes, oiled the chains and headed down the road for great reminder of how nice it is to get outside in the evening.

May 282013

matt1.jpg width=

I made an unorthodox solo trip to Tahoe in support of my longtime friend, Matt Skinner, preparing to tie the knot with his fiancĂ©e, Julia Rough (soon to be Mrs. Skinner). Mayhem ensued yet injuries were minimal and everyone had an awesome time. My Julia and I can’t wait for our trip to CA in early July to attend their wedding!

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May 182013

What a crazy overnighter we had to celebrate the end of a successful year for Kapaa Middle School’s Eighth Grade class! Congrats 8th Grade and keep up the great work in High School!!!

Apr 262013

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Can’t lie, there’s nothing quite like living on Kauai! We had an amazing surf session before dark and got to watch yet another breathtaking sunset on the hike back up the trail. With summer in close sight, we’re both anxiously awaiting more amazing days like this.

Apr 022013

wagner2.jpg width=

Julia’s parents came for a visit recently and we had another amazing time together. They took care of us during our busy workweek by making several memorable and delicious dinners. After a crazy day at work, it was awesome coming home to their full-fledged traditional Wagner family feasts. Volunteering to help out in our classrooms, we roped them into a full-day at work with us setting up display boards for Elective Night. We also got to spend the first part of our spring break cruising beach to beach with them in search of sun and shells. It was so relaxing to have little to no agenda and simply enjoy their company. We’re really looking forward to their next stay!

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