Sep 192008


Julia and I did a circle painting activity with the parents, students, and teachers at Wilcox Elementary on Friday night. Everyone really enjoyed participating in the collaborative art activity and many people were surprised to see how beautiful it turned out!

  2 Responses to “Circle Painting at Parent Night”

  1. Hey guys! I miss you and I am so happy that you are doing so well. From surfing to scuba diving to walks through the jungle, you guys are truly living life on permanent vacation mode.

    I want to plan a trip to see you over spring break.

    La Serna is not the same with out you Julia. (and Chris)

  2. Hey Amber, we miss you too! We would love it if you could come during Spring break for a visit. Just give us a heads-up on your schedule and we’ll make a plan… the guest room will be reserved for you!
    Although I have no complaints about life here, I still miss La Serna. Please say hi to everyone for me and keep me updated on all of the events and news.

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