Mar 082009


This is a shot of our first dinner in our new place. The walls are still bare and there are boxes strewn about in the corners but it’s slowly starting to feel like home. We’ve been here for about a week now and everywhere we look there’s a ton of touch-ups and little projects to keep us busy. Good thing it’s been rainy and windy lately! Today is actually the first sunny day we’ve had in a while. Here’s a shot of our kitties (couldn’t get them in their hula skirts) enjoying the sunshine…


I’ve also added a little addition to the blog on the sidebar for fast photo updates taken with my cellphone (thanks to Matt for the inspiration). So now you can look forward to enjoying completely pointless pictures taken from our daily routines.

  6 Responses to “Settling In”

  1. The sidebar photo updates are awesome! That’s the perfect way for you guys to provide quick glimpses into your project without having to commit to a full-on post. Nice!

  2. I like the small side pictures too! You should see Callie climb up and down that ladder… she thinks it’s her own personal tree in the middle of the living room.

  3. I love what you’ve done with this site! Maybe you could change the banner to include some of the photos you’ve taken recently on Kauai. (You know, with all of the extra time you have). Just a thought…

  4. Speaking of Callie on the ladder, Julia I gotta say you look completely over it in that pic. Something tells me Chris had several takes (perhaps with his left hand providing distraction?) before that was selected 😉

    The Kauai Krib looks big! I think a video walk-through is in order soon.

  5. Matt, all true but you forgot to mention the ridiculous cat call noises I was also making to get Callie’s attention.

  6. LOL. The kitchen looks awesome though. I bet there are some incredible fruit smoothies and meals coming out of that workspace.

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