Mar 252009


12 big ol’ holes in about 30 minutes. This is our first one and we’re lucky Julia got a picture of it because our sturdy looking two-man crew definitely went down hill around hole number three. The 1st and 2nd one look great though. We might have to clean up the other 10 by hand tomorrow. Between the engine trouble, ramming tree roots, busting more pipe and all the father-son hollering to go along with it, we’re lucky to still have our toes. Look out cement… here we come!

  2 Responses to “All Augered Out”

  1. Wow!! What an impressive machine! the operators a pretty impressive, too!! The right tool for the job. . .

  2. Wow!! you guys are really getting it done. GREAT progress on the deck. i recommend that you take two cerveza’s each and go to sleep early tonite.

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