Apr 052009


What a project this has been! Between all the saws, nail gun and glue gun, we’re lucky to still have our fingers and toes with nothing stuck together. Aside from the near-fatal roofing tar fiasco we had yesterday, we’re managing to get through all of the finishing touches. The last board was placed today so our next steps are sanding, priming and painting (it never ends). Now it’s time for a little Sunday fun-day before we have to go back to work on Monday. Until then, here’s the view from where we’ll probably be sitting all day long…


  4 Responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. You deserve at least of day of rest after making so much progress on your deck. It looks really great! Very nice work.

  2. The deck looks awesome! When my dad and I built the deck at the back of the house at LaQuinta Ct he used to tell me to talk to the varnish to make it dry quicker. I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

    And re: my Julia, it was unsettling how similar those things are.

  3. I love it! And I will be sitting right there in those chairs with you two! Heaven!!!

  4. i can’t wait to come and visit. everything looks like it’s coming along wonderfully! miss you both!!!

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