Apr 252009


Today we both started out our day before dawn – Julia with her Praxis examinations for the HI teacher’s license, and me with an early morning photo shoot. I think I had the better deal by far. After a morning of hard work we kept up our momentum by working on more projects at home… yard work, deck sanding, screen door mounting, tree maintenance, and our newest addition to the “scrap furniture” collection. I worked out most of the kinks with the picnic bench so our new coffee table is even more bullet proof and made purely from the leftover railing pickets. It’s amazing what you can do with a nail gun and a little imagination.


  2 Responses to “Scrap Table Project”

  1. Looks sick! You gonna get into carpentry now?

  2. Carpentry is not really my forte but I am pretty good at making oblong and wobbly things look well-built and sturdy in photos.

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