Jun 262009


Julia and I spent the week in Oahu with my parents. We took full advantage of the “big city” by stocking up on all the essentials that aren’t so readily available on our Target-less island. There were some great deals on school clothes, surf trunks, and of course swap meet bikinis at the Aloha Stadium that we couldn’t pass up. So now we’re pretty much set for another year. We also scored solid swell at Sandy’s and Makapu’u and had a great time hanging with my folks. It was definitely a fun and productive week, but there’s nothing like coming home to our peace and quiet and lighting up the grill with some BIG kahuna burgers…


  3 Responses to “Oahu Trip Complete”

  1. Thanks Mom and Dad Sanderl for letting us crash your vacation on Oahu! We had such a nice time with you, and it brought back good memories from our honeymoon.
    Now you have to come stay with us on Kauai so we can return the favor!

  2. Ho brah, dem buggas look so good dey break da mouth! But da idea of Chris in teeny weeny bakini make all da fancy boys go lolo.

  3. So nice to see all of you together. Wish we were with you. Please keep the pics coming. Love you all.

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