Jan 032010


To bring in the New Year we set out with our friends Stacey & Jamel, and newly engaged Lauren & Frank to explore the Wailua Headwaters at the base of Mt. Wai’ale’ale, also known as the wettest place on earth. Although we didn’t reach the end where the revered Blue Hole actually lies, we did come across several spectacular views and an amazing waterfall to cool off in before heading back. Home sweet home!


  4 Responses to “New Year’s Hike”

  1. This is SO BEAUTIFUL! But I guess you guys probably noticed. It seems impossible that you were here freezing only a few short days ago.You actually had to “cool off”?? What a perfect itme and place for your friends to get engaged–congrats to them!

  2. The jealousy. Next time I come out I want to see the Blue Hole – that looks sick!

    Happy New Year! Wanna come to SF sometime in 2010? 😉

  3. Matt, it’d be so cool to head over to SF sometime this year… maybe during the summer. We haven’t been to CA since ’08 so I’m about due for some fam/friend visits.

  4. […] Charlotte & Cory for motivating us to go on a “little” hike with them. After one previous attempt, our goal was to complete the Wai’ale’ale Blue Hole Hike; however, our late start and […]

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