Apr 252010


We were fortunate enough to have a three day weekend, a place to stay on Oahu, and good friends in town for the Kokua Festival. On our first night we spent the evening wandering the streets of Waikiki enjoying the many cultures and characters of a “big” city. Body surfing was at the top of our priority list throughout the trip so we made sure to get in several sessions at our favorite windward spots. Before the concert we met up with everyone for a picnic in the park and had an awesome night listening to great music and watching the dance maneuvers of several overly-eccentric people. We also enjoyed a night in Kailua with our friends Jeannie and Lizzie. The trip was complete after our final drive around the island to pay homage to the North Shore, and eat at the best shrimp truck before heading home… Home sweet home 🙂


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  1. awww..i miss you guys soooo much! can’t wait to see you again!!

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