Jun 032010


Introducing the newest members of our family. In about six months these little ladies will be fertilizing our garden, keeping our cats on their toes and helping us make the best breakfasts in town. For now, they’ve got a safe and cozy little home in our bathtub while their deluxe chicken condo is being customized by yours truly.


  3 Responses to “Pecker, Little & Scratch”

  1. These little guys deserve a response. I just love looking at the photos–the line up is just perfect. I keep wanting to say that they are SO CUTE.. . . but that is so obvious it isn’t very blog-worthy. I bet they are quite a bit bigger now and I am looking forward to the next report.

  2. Cute is definitely blog worthy! Thanks for always commenting and being our number one cheerleader 🙂 Get ready to see the coop…

  3. hello sweet family on “the islands”! I love your little “Clarabelles”! I`m assuming from the pic that they are rhode island reds? Greg & i had 20 of them…thats why “their” names were all the same…couldn`t tell one from the other…

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