Jun 142010


Last year’s leftover project scraps have become this year’s supply for our newest yard decor. With the chicks doubling in size every week, they’ve already outgrown their bathtub box so I made fast business of building their upgraded unit. Their new digs include custom laying boxes, panoramic floor to ceiling windows, rooftop mega-skylight, handicap accessibility ramp, ergonomic roosting perch, and most importantly, our trademark removable poop tray (patent pending).


  3 Responses to “Coops by Chris”

  1. Chris, your projects are getting more impressive with each new use of that stack of left over wood. I wonder what you will you do when it is gone?

  2. When ‘r they gon’ be ready fer eatin’?

  3. Hi Chris-
    I just looked at your little chicks and was dazzled with the coop you built. Wow – building with legos when you were a little kid really paid off! Just so you know – Uncle David and I plan on coming out and visiting next summer.
    There should be lots eggs for breakfast by then. Enjoy your time with your mom and dad’s visit. I can’t wait to hear all your news when I see your mom in a few weeks!
    My love to you and Julia! Lots of hugs from
    p.s. I just love seeing all your pictures and getting a glimpse of your life! xoxox

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