Jul 122010


After attending the Hanalei Watersports Swapmeet to sell a few of our old boards, and of course after quite a bit of valuable research into the latest surf technology, we decided on these two updates to our Kauai quiver. Since their arrival, Board 1: Ultraflex and board 2: Dominator have been in endless hours/days of product testing. Results have been favorable yet we’ve both encountered mild symptoms of exhaustion and dyhydration after prolonged use. And yes, we are the luckiest people ever 🙂

  2 Responses to “Turtle Head Surfers”

  1. For some these would be a luxury– for you two, an absolute necessity! There is no doubt that you are getting, and will continue to get, many, many hours of great times using them. The turtle is very cool. Hope he knows to get out of your way!

  2. Exhaustion and dehydration? Sounds like the symptoms of a hangover. Chris, you probably don’t know this but the popular saying goes “The best cure for a hangover is to just keep on drinking!” In your case, get back out there!

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