Oct 082010

Our week-long break flew by while Matt & Julia were out for a visit. We covered lots of ground and still managed to surf and jump off stuff everyday. The Julias encouraged our horseplay but luckily there weren’t any serious injuries, except for our “broke mouths” from all the good grinds. The video and pictures say the rest. Can’t wait to hang again this summer in SF!

  2 Responses to “Water Week Part Deux”

  1. Awesome, awesome awesome! I love the slide show, too. Mahalo Chris and Julia for the hospitality! We’ll look forward to your visit to San Francisco!!!

  2. This is so super fantastic! I loved every minute spent with you both (and of course Cali and Ruckus as well!), and can’t wait to host you here. We’ll have to start researching some local base-jumping sites…
    Thank you for an incredible vacation. We miss you already!

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