Nov 132010


The chickens are fat, happy, and in search of any wiggling insect in sight. We recently planted milkweed along our path in hopes of attracting more butterflies and it worked! Unfortunately, our chickens love to search for caterpillars and the cats occasionally entertain themselves with butterflies. Thanks to Julia’s supervision, most fatal accidents have been avoided.

  2 Responses to “Monarch Hunters”

  1. Wow! The path loks fantastic, the chicken looks smug and Julia looks very happy. No doubt it will be a jungle by the time we get there to visit. Meanwhile, we are getting more and more excited to see you two this Christmas!

  2. Lucky actually rides on the shovel!???! So cool…gotta love those red-heads! I must say how nice it is to know someone besides myself who actually (really & truly) cares enough about the bugs (any & all bugs) to go out of their way to see that the little crits get a fair shot at life. Thank-you!!! Greg thought I was a little “touched” when he saw me pick up a slug (bare-fingers) and move it from the sunny part of the yard into the shade…slugs don`t like sun…it dries them to death(horrible way to die) And last November I saw a spider struggling across the snow outside the dining-room window…where was it going to go???? So I brought it in and put it in the backroom where we keep the wood for the stove. Later on I noticed one of the cats playing with something on the kitchen floor…………yeah, I think it was. Love you guys soooooooooo much!

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