Feb 252011

We were lucky to get such a nice surprise having our good friend Jeannie call us up with plans for a short detour from her trip to Oahu. The next day she arrived with her boyfriend and they were both ready for some exploration. Like always, we were more than happy to lead the way. The weather cooperated perfectly for our two and a half day beach-hopping marathon and we also lucked out with some great lighting and visibility during a late afternoon snorkel session. It was a great excuse to visit some of our favorite spots that aren’t always part of our normal routine. Sharing them with friends just makes it that much better.

  3 Responses to “Jeannie’s Surprise Visit”

  1. Chris!! Great photos!!! We had such a great time w/you and Julia Gulia!! Can’t wait to come back again .. next time .. we’ll give you a little more notice 😉 LOVE YOU BOTH!!

  2. Hi, Jeannie! So cool to see you and your boyfriend with Julia and Chris–and sea turtles!! Aren’t they the best tour guides ever?

  3. Hi Momma Ruth!!

    Yes – those sea turtles are awesome!!!! Rob was in heaven! 🙂 Hopefully we can see you and the family sometime soon! Miss you!

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