Mar 282011


It’s hard to say that we weren’t disappointed when one of our egg-layers developed colorful tail feathers and an alarmingly screechy voice. However, our rooster has several redeeming qualities that make him a permanent fixture in our yard as well as a frequent topic of conversation. He’s as big as a turkey and louder than a blow horn, but for his lady hens, he’s quite the gentleman. Always calling them over when he finds a tasty bug, sometimes delivering worms right to their feet, he is a giver with a watchful eye. He keeps our hens close and out of trouble. We’ve even caught him cuddling up to the ladies in their nesting boxes as they perform their daily egg laying duties. But the best part is his mating dance. More to come, I’m sure.

  4 Responses to “Profile: Rudy the Rooster”

  1. Rudy looks like a rude dude.

    So you thought he was female and he turned out to be male? My parents had that African Grey parrot, Oliver, for 20 years before she started laying eggs. Crazy!

  2. He is VERY handsome and your description is an inspiration that crosses species. I just hope he plans to muffle the early morning screeching when I come to visit !

  3. Hi Mrs. Sanderal, Loving this picture of the Rudy. Beautiful!

    I still come to your website every so often. I enjoy looking at the beautiful pictures and the progress your husband and you have made in your new home. Nice to see a couple in love. Brenda and I are doing well. Brenda is in her 2nd year college, as a poli sci major. Pursuing her dream to become a lawyer. You two take care. Elaine Juarez

  4. Matt… you would have cracked up watching Chris carefully inspect our baby chicks to determine their gender. He was positive that he found the “girl” parts (Rudy would be offended).

    Mom, don’t worry because we have a large supply of earplugs. They work wonders.

    And thank you, Elaine, for checking in! I love hearing about Brenda pursuing her dreams… how time flies!

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