May 122011

Thanks to our friend Anna (pictured first in the video) for motivating us to head down to Kauai’s only Gymnastics Academy. With plenty of assistance, lots of pointers, and several moments of hesitation, we all had tons of fun and a heck of a workout! Julia did awesome, especially considering it was her first time in a real gym. Two years have gone by since our last acrobatic attempt in the yard and my backflip definitely still needs work. I guess we’ll just have to go back next week 😉

  4 Responses to “Never Too Old to Flip”

  1. So awesome!! My Crossfit gym doesn’t do this! Only 3 more weeks till we see your shining faces!!!

  2. Hi Julia (aka Matt’s Julia), Can’t wait for our trip… only two more weeks! It would be rad if we did more of this at our crossfit gym, but the outdoor facility can’t really accommodate spring floors and tumbling mats. Sometimes we go over to the park next door and try different “grassnastic” exercises but it’s just not the same.

  3. Actually, I think I just might be. . . at least too old to back flip!

  4. You guys are sooo cool! I love how I am always impressed by you guys. I miss you!

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