Jun 292011

As always, we really enjoyed our time spent with Julia’s parents. Their visit included the perfect balance of adventurous days in the water and low-key relaxation with books, naps and swinging in the hammock. One memorable highlight of their stay was when Big Daddy Wags and Our #1 Fan treated us to a special four-year anniversary dinner at Josselin’s. We all agree that our entire family excels at eating great food together. Hopefully our level of activity was enough to burn off the extra desserts. Renting boats from our friends at Wailua Kayak Adventures was another highlight that included a solo tour of Fern Grotto, hunting for rope swings, barefoot hiking through sludge, and Marty’s 100 foot shower under Secret Falls. Thanks again for stocking our fridge and filling up our gas tanks… we’re already starting to run low on supplies and need you to come back soon 😉 We miss you both! Hope you enjoy the short video (above) and photos (below).

  3 Responses to “Summer Begins for Ruth & Marty”

  1. Days spent in paradise-with those you love-It really doesn’t get better than that! Daddy Wags

  2. Had a busy morning running life’s little errands so I took another look at these photos. It is like taking a little mini-vacation! Thanks, Chris for your time and talent in putting up this posting. I will enjoy it over and over!

  3. We’ll have to try kayaks on the next trip! Looks like loads of fun – glad to see the rope swing gainer is still in full effect.

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