Sep 102011


We managed to sneak in another funday with the Kauai Crossfitters in celebration of September birthdays. The day was complete with a huge blow-up waterslide, live band, freestyle frisbee, an assortment of superfoods, full moon, and several hours spent on our communal mini-ramp. After complete exhaustion set in, I ended up kidnapping Jerome‘s new micro 4/3 camera and snapped a few shots of the halfpipe action. This is as close as you get to a formal black and white affair on Kauai…

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  1. Happy Birthday Husband! You are the love of my life… lucky for me you get more handsome every year (and more hardcore)! I had so much fun with you on Saturday- going down the waterslide, learning to skate on a ramp, and hanging with our wonderful friends. We are so lucky to live Kauai!

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