Nov 252011


Our Thanksgiving this year definitely stepped it up a notch. A big thanks to Jerome for hosting our feast at his beautiful beach-front home, and to Jill for coordinating everyone’s best pot-luck contribution. We signed up to bring Julia’s special cranberry salad and the turkey, which felt like way more pressure than our usual commitment of side dishes. Luckily after plenty of research, preparation, and the handy imu turkey cook-a-thon fundraiser, we can’t take full responsibility for how incredible it turned out.


The day was complete with speedminton, frisbee, and mixed drinks. Needless to say, it was a perfect sunny and beautiful celebration. We’re thankful for our families, friends, and of course the place we call home. This last picture is where we spent the day after recovering from our huge meal…


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  1. This is one group of people that don’t have to worry about over-eating. You probably worked off every single calorie with your Thanksgiving games and them some at your next workout!!! Happy, healthy fun in the sun with good friends–how great is that? We hope you can inspire us when you visit. We’ve got good appetites and we’re up for some fun!

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