Jan 212012


Normally, midday on a Saturday is a popular time for surfers to enjoy the waves. This day was no different with most of the well known surf spots jam-packed with paddle boarders, body boarders, short and long boarders. Our recent summery weather has brought the crowds to the beach and we’re all happy to take advantage of the postponed rainy season. We were lucky enough to find a more secluded corner to ourselves with the added benefit of a photographer onshore that randomly decided to grab a few shots of our session together. Needless to say, we had a great day “somewhere in Hawaii”.


  4 Responses to “Solo Session”

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, shovel snow, drive to sea-tac on a half inch of ice or… move to HI, sit on a beach with a cold beer and watch you guys surf. We did spend last wkend in Astoria, Oregon and watched some(3) surfers off the jetty, but it was 40 degrees, windy, and it did not seem they were having the same experience as your picture portrayed. Cool Stuff!

  2. How fun to havve someone take pictures of YOU for a change!

  3. Thanks for checking in Mom and Dad and Happy Anniversary! We’re looking forward to summer when we can all hang together at the beach all day every day…. it’s not too far off!

  4. “Hey Burkhart, wanna buy some photos?”

    Sweet pics!

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