Feb 182012

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This year for Christmas, Julia and I picked up a couple used kites with the intention of learning how to kitesurf slowly, cautiously, and with the help of our experienced kiting friend, Jerome. The first few sessions involved set-up and safety procedures, but lacked the right wind conditions. When the wind finally picked up enough to actually launch our smaller kite, I felt ready to give it a try behind the controls. One common kiting term used to describe wind-enduced disaster is “Kitemare“. You can see how this lesson ended… kite in a tree, cutting down a tree, Chris in a tree, but thankfully minimal damage in the end.

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  6 Responses to “Kitemares 101”

  1. I can ONLY imagine what you were thinking!!! CRAZY!!!!

  2. Not bad for the first lesson !
    It can only get better !

  3. Hey brah, the trees start here and they end all the way down there. When the wind comes HERE, don’t be THERE, or you’re gonna get DRILLED.

    Hopefully no more kitemares!

  4. It seems that you have figured out quickly when to let go!! Better for you to get up in the tree on your own terms. . .

  5. Hey Woodsman, SPARE that TREE!!

  6. Nooooo that blows!!! A kite has been stuck in tree in Kailua, Oahu’s windward side for the past month. It’s so high up I guess they cannot get to it. I feel so bad for them.

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