May 062012

We snuck away for a quick camping trip to celebrate the birthday of our good friend and fellow crossfitter, Mat (of Mat & Tiara). Not only were we the only group to set up camp in Sugi Grove, but the clear and cloudless night sky coincided with the 2012 supermoon! The trip was a great way for us to unplug from our normal routine, slow down and enjoy the company of our friends, plenty of great food and the surrounding beauty of Koke’e State Park. Signs of summer are definitely in the air.

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  1. aloha ! this is jodi paigewesoloskis mom! i was researching camping and found this! ive always wanted to go to sugi grove. do you need to pay to camp there? i know the road gets bad in the winter and spring. please tell me all you know about this place. Aloha jodi

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