Jul 152012

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Our weekend camping trip to Kalalau was a last minute decision with very little planning and minimal preparation. At 10:30pm the night before we were still shopping for camelbaks and cans of soup and by 6:00am we were already on the trail. Luckily all of our camping supply was being boated in on our buddy Lorren’s fishing boat, Pole Bender. That left us with a great opportunity to run the 11 mile trail with nothing more than a couple light snacks and our newly acquired camelbaks. The panoramic shot below is from red hill, my favorite part of the trail.

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We went with marathon runners, Lina and Nancy, who kept us on pace to arrive at Kalalau in only 3.5 hours. A few sore joints later, we were lounging on the beach, playing in the water and taking in all of the sights. Before dark we hopped on Lorren’s Boat for a little expedition down the Napali Coast to Nu’alolo Kai for a little snorkeling action. We had our campfire soup for dinner, a long nights rest, and we headed home on the boat in the morning. Thanks Lorren, Lina, Nancy and Lee for a great adventure!

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  1. Wow man, incredible photos and what an adventure!

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