Sep 112012

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Here are the results of my first project as a Yearbook Teacher! This collage shows every student’s work from my 6th-8th grade Yearbook Class. Students used Adobe Photoshop to create a Wanted Flier reminiscent of outlaws in the Wild West. The fliers includes five examples of exceptional behaviors or actions that each student is “Wanted For”. Within each example students were required to incorporate theme-specific western language that ties their text to the Western era. Technical requirements for the project involved simulating the look of aged paper with multiple grain enhancing filters, creating burnt edges with different brush techniques, choosing theme-appropriate colors/fonts, and constructing a thoughtful layout to maximize the visual impact of their end result. Leading into the school’s yearbook theme and cover contest, this project served as a great introduction to page layout and theme-related content. Nice work, Yearbookers!

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  1. The guy on the bottom right looks familiar…

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