Dec 022012

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This is the result of Part 2 from our “Stitched Sanctuary” imaging project, an introduction to HDR photography. Students photographed a range of 5 different exposure levels from dark (-2 stops) to light (+2 stops). Using Adobe Bridge for file management, Camera Raw to edit/color correct, and custom settings in the Merge to HDR Pro PhotoShop plugin, students created these outstanding HDR images. Period 2 is above and Period 3 is below. The level of creativity, technical ability and artistic skill continues to impress me!

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  1. Hi! I teach middle school art and adobe photoshop in kansas…and just found your site–our high school has just now finally installed an adobe suite lab and will begin teaching the products this spring. I am so glad to find a blog that has some examples to show the high school teachers. (I’ve had photoshop for eons, but our middle school computers aren’t good enough to open illustrator and others–too slow.) Anyway, I’ve been to Kauai 3 times and will return this summer–LOVE IT! There are so many beautiful plants and scenes to photograph…so nice. I love Hanapepe art night!…
    Thank you,

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