Feb 142013

PBS Hawaii – HIKI NO Episode 414: Hosted by Students from Kamehameha Schools from PBS Hawaii

This is Kapa’a Middle School’s debut episode on PBS Hawaii – HIKI NO. Appearing during the intro at 1:08 and featured at 20:42, the instructional video “How to Make a Beaded Bowl” was produced by three students in my Media class. It was an incredible experience working with the production team at PBS Hawaii and we look forward to our next contribution to the show.

As a class project, students worked in teams to create various “How To” videos as an introduction to visual storytelling. After the process of pitching ideas, storyboarding, scheduling, production, editing and re-editing, many great videos were made; however only one could be selected to air on local television. Congratulations to Malina, Mia and Sabrina!

Here is our second addition to Hiki No by K.M.S. Media students Makayla, Emma, Sophia and William. They created an instructional video about making a tie-dyed shirt which was featured on Season 4, Episode 20 of PBS Hawaii’s student news program. Take a look…

PBS Hawaii – HIKI NO Episode 420: Kapaa Middle School: Tie-Dyeing from PBS Hawaii

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  1. Just when I think that you cannot outdo yourselves you come up with an even more technical post! Chris, your students are clearly thriving with you at KMS.

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