Jul 102013


We had an amazing time traveling through California! First stop was in Oxnard to hang out with my Dad and check in with the surf scene in Ventura. We didn’t score any waves but the great company, sunset walks and fish dinners made up for it. Next stop was was at Jason’s house for the 4th of July with Debbie, Bella, Ava and Jack. We spent quality time with Debbie and the kids and enjoyed Jason’s gourmet cooking. We even got to join in the neighborhood firework celebration complete with skateboards, pogo-sticks and barbecued banana bombs. Before our final destination, we made a quick pit stop in Santa Cruz to catch up and visit with old friends. Concluding in San Francisco for the wedding of Matt & his Julia was the perfect grand finale of our trip before heading home. Check out the photo slideshow of our adventure…

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  1. Sweet pics of the waterfront!

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