Dec 222008


It’s so sad leaving these cuties behind, but at least they’ll have each other! Can’t wait to get to WA for some good old R&R with family. We’ll probably be huddled up next to the fireplace the whole time… brrrrr!

Oct 112008


Our cats have had the run of the house for the past week. Probably a lot of sleeping and eating so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve packed on the pounds. We’ll have to get them back on track with their outdoor regimen of chasing local chickens and myna birds. I’m sure they can’t wait!

Aug 212008


This is our friendly downstairs neighbor relaxing in the shade under the stairs. He’s probably a little bigger than the palm of your hand but can definitely pack a punch if you’re not careful. Even our cats steer clear of him but despite his fierce presence we’re lucky to have such a great mosquito eating bug trap.

Aug 172008


Here’re our happy cats adjusting to the island lifestyle. It didn’t take them long to get over their traumatic plane flight experience and despite the heavy kitty localism, they’re doing great. Gecko hunting and chicken chasing are their favorite past time events aside from snoozing in the sun… And here’s a view of the private trail down to Secret Beach. You’ll have to see what the beach looks like in person to appreciate the real beauty of Kauai.


Mar 182008


The little terror cats and of course our fish Sylvester will have the run of the house for a week while we’re out scouting for a new home in Kauai. While we’re away the monsters will play. Check back next week for some photos from our trip.

Sep 142007


This little feral terror is just about the newest addition to our family. After his crazed bouts of morning meow tourettes, he likes to sneak in the house to either go fishing for Sylvester or steal some play time with all of Callie’s toys. When he gets really amped he doesn’t know whether to hiss or purr so he does both in his wild schizophrenia.