Mar 192009


So far we’ve prepped the front yard for our current deck project. This included moving 10 plants, 5 buckets of gravel, re-planting 2 trees and breaking a sprinkler pipe (not fully repaired yet). After sweating all day we took a trip over to The Home Depot and my dad bought us a new toy. As you can tell, we’ve got a bunch of whacking to do down our hill. Good thing it’s Spring Break!!!

Mar 082009


This is a shot of our first dinner in our new place. The walls are still bare and there are boxes strewn about in the corners but it’s slowly starting to feel like home. We’ve been here for about a week now and everywhere we look there’s a ton of touch-ups and little projects to keep us busy. Good thing it’s been rainy and windy lately! Today is actually the first sunny day we’ve had in a while. Here’s a shot of our kitties (couldn’t get them in their hula skirts) enjoying the sunshine…


I’ve also added a little addition to the blog on the sidebar for fast photo updates taken with my cellphone (thanks to Matt for the inspiration). So now you can look forward to enjoying completely pointless pictures taken from our daily routines.

Feb 282009


Today was the last day in our old apartment and tonight will be the first night in our new place. We’ve got a ton of disorganized organization to do and we’re looking forward to every minute of it. This is a quick shot of our new bedroom with random stuff quickly piled throughout. There’s two other rooms with the same scene if not worse. Time to dive in head first!

Feb 082009


Today concludes day-two of our home improvements and we’re pooped! Even though the waves were perfect all weekend long, we spent the entire time painting. We’re less than half way done but it already looks so much better. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be weekend warriors for months (more like years) to come. Although painting is definitely not as fun as surfing, we’re stoked to get our new pad looking sweet! Next we’ll be headed to the flooring department… fun stuff!

Jan 252009


Well… we’re moving again and this time it’s for good! Here’s a little peek at what we’ll be coming home to. We’ve definitely got some fixing up to do before we post the before and after photos but right now it feels like a blank canvas and we can’t wait to add all of our personal touches. Here’s our new address and a map:

The Sanderl’s
KAPAA, HI 96746