Aug 202013


Thought I’d take out my trusty DSLR plus a nice long lens and old school filter to grab this shot of the moon coming up over our neighborhood. By the time I was all setup, I got pretty lucky with the cloud placement and a pretty cool lens flare.

Aug 172013


Now back at work and settling into our schedules, it was nice to get away for a little camping trip with friends at one of the best spots on the island. We had a perfect weekend eating great food and relaxing in the shade while taking in views of Polihale and the Napali Coast.

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Jul 142013


Thanks to Charlotte & Cory for motivating us to go on a “little” hike with them. After one previous attempt, our goal was to complete the Wai’ale’ale Blue Hole Hike; however, our late start and minimalist approach left us racing against daylight, hungry, tired and defeated for a second time. We did make it to what is known as the weeping wall, only about a half mile away from the blue hole before turning back. A half mile of this terrain equated to nearly an additional hour round trip and it was already nearly dusk. We had to really hustle back to the car and barely made it before dark. Of course, we were able to spare a few extra minutes for the photos.


Jun 122013

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When the rain comes and grays the sky throughout the day it’s much easier to stay home and relax. Especially when we’re recovering from a strenuous week at Kauai Crossfit, there’s nothing better than sipping a buttery cup Bulletproof Coffee at home on the couch. After a successful day of being hermits, Julia and I dusted off our bikes, oiled the chains and headed down the road for great reminder of how nice it is to get outside in the evening.

Apr 022013

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Julia’s parents came for a visit recently and we had another amazing time together. They took care of us during our busy workweek by making several memorable and delicious dinners. After a crazy day at work, it was awesome coming home to their full-fledged traditional Wagner family feasts. Volunteering to help out in our classrooms, we roped them into a full-day at work with us setting up display boards for Elective Night. We also got to spend the first part of our spring break cruising beach to beach with them in search of sun and shells. It was so relaxing to have little to no agenda and simply enjoy their company. We’re really looking forward to their next stay!

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Jan 282013

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A special Happy Birthday to our sister-in-law, April! We’re so glad that David, April and William were able to spend the week with us in celebration! Although it was a short visit, we packed in tons of fun including our first geo cashing experience and our first whale watching trip. William is such an awesome little guy and we’re so happy to have spent some quality time with the Wagners. Thanks for making the long trip over!

Nov 252012

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Back in October we had an awesome visit from my brother’s family. We spent the majority of our fall break lounging at the beach with Jason and Debbie, while the kids, Bella, Ava and Jack, rampaged in the sand. Daytime hours were filled with surfing, hiking, snorkeling and chasing Jack around the house. Most evenings involved chef Jason cooking up his specialties, or eating out at our favorite local spots. It was a perfect and relaxing vacation before heading back to work. Here’s a quick gallery from the week’s worth of fun…

Oct 152012

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Here’s a quick gallery of all the fun things we did with Momma Ruth and Big Daddy Wags a few months ago. Highlights included daily snorkeling and beach adventures, incredible dinners every night, Smith’s “Tropical Paradise” Luau with Pele the goddess of fire, a visit to the neighborhood swimming hole, and trying to pose for pictures that make it look like we’re rock climbing. We also had an awesome fourth of July celebration with live music and fireworks at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kekaha. And to top it all off, we even got to spend an entire day on a boat with friends in Hanalei bay! As always, it was a memorable trip and we can’t wait for the next visit!

Jul 092012

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This is what summer is all about! A quick afternoon trip up a neighborhood trail turned into an adventure under tree roots, over fallen logs and rock hopping up river to Makaleha Falls. Only about three hours roundtrip, this hike had a huge payoff at the top. The perfect swimming hole engulfed by steep canyon walls lies just beneath the waterfall. It was a refreshing break before our journey back through the jungle. We’ve been having a great summer exploring new parts of the island and discovering treasures like this within our own neighborhood!

May 062012

We snuck away for a quick camping trip to celebrate the birthday of our good friend and fellow crossfitter, Mat (of Mat & Tiara). Not only were we the only group to set up camp in Sugi Grove, but the clear and cloudless night sky coincided with the 2012 supermoon! The trip was a great way for us to unplug from our normal routine, slow down and enjoy the company of our friends, plenty of great food and the surrounding beauty of Koke’e State Park. Signs of summer are definitely in the air.

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Apr 292012

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Gearing up for their Kauai wedding, Brittany and Jeff arrived a little early with an agenda to explore as much of the island as possible. Right after they landed we hit the South Shore in search of sea turtles, and despite poor visibility, we lucked out with a great snorkeling session! Then we wiped the sand off our feet and changed into dinner attire on the side of the road. Jeff and Brittany insisted on treating us to dinner (the first of many lavish meals during their stay!) at one of the newest and nicest restaurants in Poipu, Red Salt. After narrowly escaping multiple food-comas, we all woke up early the next morning for a day hike to Hanakapi’ai Falls. There’s no better way to catch up with great friends than hiking all day together! Swimming in the icy pool under the falls, then eating lunch on the warm river rocks was the perfect reward and recharge for the hike back. It was awesome experiencing such an incredible waterfall for the first time with Brittany and Jeff. We were also lucky enough to spot a couple rainbows as we headed home! Below is a conglomeration of pictures from the day… Photo credit shared – all the best ones were from their camera 😉

Many mahalos to Brittany & Jeff for such an incredible time spent together. Stay tuned for their gorgeous wedding photos, coming soon!

Mar 282012

We had an awesome visit from our good friend Scott! He dedicated his Spring Break from UCLA’s School of Law to endure a crash course with us at Kauai Crossfit while also motivating us to try adopting his vegan diet for the week. Scott did an amazing job for a first-time crossfitter, and we were mediocre at best in maintaining his diet (backyard eggs and Portuguese sausage are nearly impossible for us to live without). Between the workouts and each carefully prepared vegan meal at home, we trekked from north to south hitting a few of the island’s highlights and hanging out in luxury at the best resorts. It was great catching up, sharing stories and exploring the island together! Thank you for all your generosity, Scott… our doors are always open and we really hope you come back soon!!!

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