Dec 252008


Although many people were stranded at the airport in Tacoma for days, we made it in smoothly without much hassle. We arrived with two feet of snow on the ground and a winter storm warning on the horizon. After six more inches of snow fell, we decided to put it to good use… hence Professor Snowman was born. Momma Ruth and family wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Oct 082008


We’re having a blast with my brother’s family and it’s really incredible to see our new little niece Ava. She is such a sweet and happy baby with the perfect eat, sleep, poop schedule. We’re taking notes. Only three days left before we have to head back to our daily grind. Our little vacation has been flying by so we’re trying to slow it down by shutting our eyes and enjoying every second. Bella has got this technique mastered…


Aug 122007


We’re headed up to Washington for some good food and family time. Check back in a week for a photo gallery of our trip! Hope all is well… we’d love to hear from you!

Apr 112007


We’re back from Chile and feeling a little sluggish going back to the daily grind. Check out the photos from our trip here.

Julia has done an amazing job of booking our Mariachi band, DJ, and Officiant. Catering is still in the works. Keep an eye out for our invitations… They’ll be on the way soon!