Oct 062013

We don’t have much experience wake boarding at all, but this time we were invited by some of the best. Thanks to fellow crossfitters/wakeboard rippers Charlotte and Cory, as well as their awesome friends with the boat! We had an amazing Sunday morning session with an empty river and perfect conditions. Check out the video for the highlights… and feel free to skip to the end for some hydrofoil action and the wipeout reel.


Jun 202013

Summer is definitely the best time of year! We joined the Kapaa Crossfit crew and headed out together to cool off during the afternoon heat. Between sliding down waterfalls and swinging off ropes, it’s great to have friends who like to go out and play. Sliding tandem off a waterfall with Julia in front can now be checked off our summer to-do list. Don’t worry moms, safety was our biggest concern while climbing to the highest possible jumping off point!

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May 182013

What a crazy overnighter we had to celebrate the end of a successful year for Kapaa Middle School’s Eighth Grade class! Congrats 8th Grade and keep up the great work in High School!!!

Mar 012013

This was a collaborative effort between two 8th Grade advisory classes at Kapa’a Middle School. Mr. Ryan kicks things off with his dance skills while I had the pleasure of filming/editing the mayhem that ensued.

Be sure to check out Mrs. Sanderl’s version too… CLICK HERE!

Feb 142013

PBS Hawaii – HIKI NO Episode 414: Hosted by Students from Kamehameha Schools from PBS Hawaii

This is Kapa’a Middle School’s debut episode on PBS Hawaii – HIKI NO. Appearing during the intro at 1:08 and featured at 20:42, the instructional video “How to Make a Beaded Bowl” was produced by three students in my Media class. It was an incredible experience working with the production team at PBS Hawaii and we look forward to our next contribution to the show.

As a class project, students worked in teams to create various “How To” videos as an introduction to visual storytelling. After the process of pitching ideas, storyboarding, scheduling, production, editing and re-editing, many great videos were made; however only one could be selected to air on local television. Congratulations to Malina, Mia and Sabrina!

Here is our second addition to Hiki No by K.M.S. Media students Makayla, Emma, Sophia and William. They created an instructional video about making a tie-dyed shirt which was featured on Season 4, Episode 20 of PBS Hawaii’s student news program. Take a look…

PBS Hawaii – HIKI NO Episode 420: Kapaa Middle School: Tie-Dyeing from PBS Hawaii

Jun 292011

As always, we really enjoyed our time spent with Julia’s parents. Their visit included the perfect balance of adventurous days in the water and low-key relaxation with books, naps and swinging in the hammock. One memorable highlight of their stay was when Big Daddy Wags and Our #1 Fan treated us to a special four-year anniversary dinner at Josselin’s. We all agree that our entire family excels at eating great food together. Hopefully our level of activity was enough to burn off the extra desserts. Renting boats from our friends at Wailua Kayak Adventures was another highlight that included a solo tour of Fern Grotto, hunting for rope swings, barefoot hiking through sludge, and Marty’s 100 foot shower under Secret Falls. Thanks again for stocking our fridge and filling up our gas tanks… we’re already starting to run low on supplies and need you to come back soon 😉 We miss you both! Hope you enjoy the short video (above) and photos (below).

May 122011

Thanks to our friend Anna (pictured first in the video) for motivating us to head down to Kauai’s only Gymnastics Academy. With plenty of assistance, lots of pointers, and several moments of hesitation, we all had tons of fun and a heck of a workout! Julia did awesome, especially considering it was her first time in a real gym. Two years have gone by since our last acrobatic attempt in the yard and my backflip definitely still needs work. I guess we’ll just have to go back next week 😉

Feb 252011

We were lucky to get such a nice surprise having our good friend Jeannie call us up with plans for a short detour from her trip to Oahu. The next day she arrived with her boyfriend and they were both ready for some exploration. Like always, we were more than happy to lead the way. The weather cooperated perfectly for our two and a half day beach-hopping marathon and we also lucked out with some great lighting and visibility during a late afternoon snorkel session. It was a great excuse to visit some of our favorite spots that aren’t always part of our normal routine. Sharing them with friends just makes it that much better.

Feb 202011

This was our first real mountain biking experience on Kauai. Like most things lately, it was done in the rain with our friends from Kauai Crossfit. We usually ride our bikes to and from the beach but haven’t ventured out much further than that. It was great to break from our normal surf routine and finally explore some mountain trails on two wheels. The weather limited us to ride on only a couple manageable trails that could handle the wet and muddy conditions. We started on the Kuilau Trail and then connected with the Moalepe Trail. When it was time to turn around and head back up the mountain, we opted instead for a not-so-short shortcut along the road back to our cars. Check out the video…

Jan 162011

Over the weekend we were invited to explore the Wailua river on kayak with the world’s best tour guides from Wailua Kayak Adventures. Matt and Tiara took us out along with the Kauai Crossfit crew and we had an awesome time navigating the river and hiking to Secret Falls. Our timing was perfect and we got out just before a tropical storm hit in full force. Check out the video (above) to watch us charging for shore as the rain set in. A huge MAHALO to Matt and Tiara for an awesome weekend adventure.

Oct 082010

Our week-long break flew by while Matt & Julia were out for a visit. We covered lots of ground and still managed to surf and jump off stuff everyday. The Julias encouraged our horseplay but luckily there weren’t any serious injuries, except for our “broke mouths” from all the good grinds. The video and pictures say the rest. Can’t wait to hang again this summer in SF!

Sep 052010

This was a Labor Day weekend to remember! Julia was lucky enough to snap a rare photo of the furry-chested murman mid breach (pictured above) and we also helped catch a nice size ahi. We headed out of the harbor on our friend’s boat around 7am and by 8:00 our fish was in the cooler. I videotaped the ordeal while Julia steered the boat and our neighbor directed the show. It was the only catch of the day, but we still trolled around following the shearwater birds in hopes of a marlin. To cool off we stopped in the middle of the ocean right around the 1000 fathom line (approx. 6000 ft) for a swim. Check out the video and pictures to see how this 170 pound tuna was skillfully reeled in and made ready for sushi night.

Jul 292010

We managed to cram in one last project before the end of our summer break. Our garden path is now complete after about two weeks of labor and seven tons of gravel. Check out the video to see how it all started. Thanks to our friends Lauren and Frank for lending a helping hand and a handy truck bed, and of course to our trusty neighbor Rob for his constant advise, support and wheelbarrow loads. Below is a before and after shot of our front yard… If only I knew what we were getting ourselves into!