May 082010

Here we are training for our back-up careers with the circus. Ruckus, the ringleader, is not amused…

Apr 112010

Here’s a little video and a few more pictures of our recent adventures with team Wag. Some of the activities included “snorking” with sea turtles, hanging poolside at local resorts, ripstick-riding on the beach path, cruising around the North Shore, and of course sampling every flavor of shave ice. Although it was action packed from the start, we still found time to relax around the house and light up the barbecue. We’re sad to see spring break pass so quickly, but summer’s right around the corner!

Dec 212009

This is our first attempt at an environmentally conscious holiday card. We couldn’t convince the cats to join the photo op this time… they went into hiding as soon as I pulled out the camera. The video is of me pretending to be Jimmy Slade on my new favorite toy. Julia hit it right on the nose with this awesome present! We’re now off to Washington for a Wagner family Christmas. Be back in a week. Aloha!

Nov 152009

The very beginning of a lightning storm that intensified all night long…

Nov 112009


It’s nice to have a mid-week holiday to catch up on all the necessities. I’ve been playing around with our new cameras while Julia and the cats take full advantage of the rain by snoozing in the comfiest corners of the house. A nap will definitely be on the day’s agenda. Here’s a little snack-time sample video from the lowest quality setting on the new Canons. The depth of field is amazing but I’m still figuring out the focus.

Oct 312009

Julia and I have been planning a massacre and finally followed through with it today. Now there will be significantly fewer flying limbs and sticky red goo all over our yard. It’s not that we have anything personal against our java plum trees, but they’ve launched a steady attack on us ever since berry season began. When they demolished one of our prized banana trees, we had no choice but to retaliate. This war isn’t over until there’s nothing left but a fire pit full of ash. To commemorate our first victory, I’ll be dressing down for halloween, way down, as a shirtless and shoeless lumberjack.


Oct 182009

Transportation and mind surfing were our favorite out-of-water activities.

Sep 272009

Another weekend adventure through Jurassic Park…

Sep 122009

Here’s a video of our neighbor taking us to his favorite surf spot.

Jul 302009

Here’s a quick look into one of our more productive summer days with the ohana.

May 302009

5 gallons of paint disappears faster than Bach can tickle the ivories. I love coffee!

May 142009

Here’s a little video of what we like to do after Julia finishes all our chores. Enjoy.

Jan 312009

Don’t mess with the best! More mayhem to come.