Oct 062013

We don’t have much experience wake boarding at all, but this time we were invited by some of the best. Thanks to fellow crossfitters/wakeboard rippers Charlotte and Cory, as well as their awesome friends with the boat! We had an amazing Sunday morning session with an empty river and perfect conditions. Check out the video for the highlights… and feel free to skip to the end for some hydrofoil action and the wipeout reel.


Jun 162013

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What started off as an errand to check out some used stereo equipment from a random craigslist seller turned into a full-fledged adventure complete with hiking, snorkeling, and walking through a deep dark cave. Luckily we had our masks and fins in the car with us. Although unplanned, it turned out to be one of the best days of summer and also a great reminder to continue exploring the island.

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Apr 262013

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Can’t lie, there’s nothing quite like living on Kauai! We had an amazing surf session before dark and got to watch yet another breathtaking sunset on the hike back up the trail. With summer in close sight, we’re both anxiously awaiting more amazing days like this.

Feb 232013

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I’m not sure if kiting will become my true calling, but I’m still trying to learn the basics while avoiding catastrophe. Nothing really compares to the simplicity of surfing for me and I love being able to share the stoke with Julia. As for Kiting, Julia usually looks nervous while observing my potential for disaster from afar. Luckily I’m fairly cautious and don’t expect it to come easy.

Jul 092012

makaleha.jpg width=

This is what summer is all about! A quick afternoon trip up a neighborhood trail turned into an adventure under tree roots, over fallen logs and rock hopping up river to Makaleha Falls. Only about three hours roundtrip, this hike had a huge payoff at the top. The perfect swimming hole engulfed by steep canyon walls lies just beneath the waterfall. It was a refreshing break before our journey back through the jungle. We’ve been having a great summer exploring new parts of the island and discovering treasures like this within our own neighborhood!

Feb 182012

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This year for Christmas, Julia and I picked up a couple used kites with the intention of learning how to kitesurf slowly, cautiously, and with the help of our experienced kiting friend, Jerome. The first few sessions involved set-up and safety procedures, but lacked the right wind conditions. When the wind finally picked up enough to actually launch our smaller kite, I felt ready to give it a try behind the controls. One common kiting term used to describe wind-enduced disaster is “Kitemare“. You can see how this lesson ended… kite in a tree, cutting down a tree, Chris in a tree, but thankfully minimal damage in the end.

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Jan 212012


Normally, midday on a Saturday is a popular time for surfers to enjoy the waves. This day was no different with most of the well known surf spots jam-packed with paddle boarders, body boarders, short and long boarders. Our recent summery weather has brought the crowds to the beach and we’re all happy to take advantage of the postponed rainy season. We were lucky enough to find a more secluded corner to ourselves with the added benefit of a photographer onshore that randomly decided to grab a few shots of our session together. Needless to say, we had a great day “somewhere in Hawaii”.


Apr 072011


Here’s a keeper from one of our recent Photo Safari classes. This endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal barely opened an eye to check out our camera equipment and didn’t move another muscle until we turned our backs on her. She moved quickly into the water and was off to dinner before anyone noticed. It’s always a treat to watch one of these awesome creatures in the water or on the beach… just lucky I had my camera and a group of photo enthusiasts to take part in it this time!

Feb 252011

We were lucky to get such a nice surprise having our good friend Jeannie call us up with plans for a short detour from her trip to Oahu. The next day she arrived with her boyfriend and they were both ready for some exploration. Like always, we were more than happy to lead the way. The weather cooperated perfectly for our two and a half day beach-hopping marathon and we also lucked out with some great lighting and visibility during a late afternoon snorkel session. It was a great excuse to visit some of our favorite spots that aren’t always part of our normal routine. Sharing them with friends just makes it that much better.

Jan 162011

Over the weekend we were invited to explore the Wailua river on kayak with the world’s best tour guides from Wailua Kayak Adventures. Matt and Tiara took us out along with the Kauai Crossfit crew and we had an awesome time navigating the river and hiking to Secret Falls. Our timing was perfect and we got out just before a tropical storm hit in full force. Check out the video (above) to watch us charging for shore as the rain set in. A huge MAHALO to Matt and Tiara for an awesome weekend adventure.

Oct 082010

Our week-long break flew by while Matt & Julia were out for a visit. We covered lots of ground and still managed to surf and jump off stuff everyday. The Julias encouraged our horseplay but luckily there weren’t any serious injuries, except for our “broke mouths” from all the good grinds. The video and pictures say the rest. Can’t wait to hang again this summer in SF!

Sep 052010

This was a Labor Day weekend to remember! Julia was lucky enough to snap a rare photo of the furry-chested murman mid breach (pictured above) and we also helped catch a nice size ahi. We headed out of the harbor on our friend’s boat around 7am and by 8:00 our fish was in the cooler. I videotaped the ordeal while Julia steered the boat and our neighbor directed the show. It was the only catch of the day, but we still trolled around following the shearwater birds in hopes of a marlin. To cool off we stopped in the middle of the ocean right around the 1000 fathom line (approx. 6000 ft) for a swim. Check out the video and pictures to see how this 170 pound tuna was skillfully reeled in and made ready for sushi night.

Jul 122010


After attending the Hanalei Watersports Swapmeet to sell a few of our old boards, and of course after quite a bit of valuable research into the latest surf technology, we decided on these two updates to our Kauai quiver. Since their arrival, Board 1: Ultraflex and board 2: Dominator have been in endless hours/days of product testing. Results have been favorable yet we’ve both encountered mild symptoms of exhaustion and dyhydration after prolonged use. And yes, we are the luckiest people ever 🙂