May 232010


With summer on the way and the photo season swinging into full gear, it’s so nice to escape our daily routine every now and again for a little time to reflect. Going on our third year as water logged, sunburnt and sandy, I don’t think we’d really fit anywhere else. Living on Kauai is not for everyone but we’ve been so lucky to make it work for us. Work, eat, beach, sleep and not much inbetween… simple pleasures for simple people 🙂

Mar 172010


The trade winds are back in action churning up some nice sized wind swell close to home. Since we’re currently on spring break, we’ve been attacking all the little touch up jobs around the house and getting ready for our Wagner family visit. Rinsing off in the waves and occasionally getting pounded in the shore break has been the best way to end a hard day’s work.

Mar 082010


The winter waves clean all the sand off the reef this time of year, which usually makes for better surfing conditions when the weather cooperates. Lately it’s been windy and cold and this slight change in our normally mild weather pattern gave me the sniffles. I’m finally getting over a little elementary school sickness that’s been passed around. With spring break less than a week away and the weather turning back to tropical goodness, things are looking up! Like always, we’re planning on getting in plenty of water and relaxation time.

Jan 262010


We’ve been surfing close to home lately, mostly quick sessions after work right before the sun goes down. The waves have been consistently fun but small with mostly clean conditions. After sunset the water quickly feels warmer than the air and the ride home can get a little chilly. There’s more swell on the horizon for the end of the week so you know where we’ll be… I’m starting to understand why not much gets done around here.

Jan 032010


To bring in the New Year we set out with our friends Stacey & Jamel, and newly engaged Lauren & Frank to explore the Wailua Headwaters at the base of Mt. Wai’ale’ale, also known as the wettest place on earth. Although we didn’t reach the end where the revered Blue Hole actually lies, we did come across several spectacular views and an amazing waterfall to cool off in before heading back. Home sweet home!


Oct 182009

Transportation and mind surfing were our favorite out-of-water activities.

Oct 112009


I have a knack for making things look worse than they actually are… a testament to my photography. Yes, it looks scary and we were a little shaken up by the incident, as I’m sure the picture will shake up a couple moms out there (that we love). This was Julia’s first bloody surf injury. It came from the rail of her board getting pitched in her face with the breaking wave. Immediately after the photo op, we went to the nearest pharmacy and found some Indo-chinese antiseptic, ointment and makeshift bandages. She’s almost good as new now and definitely looks a lot better than the busted up board rail. We’ve got a video coming soon so in the meantime check out some of our other PHOTOS from Bali.

Sep 122009

Here’s a video of our neighbor taking us to his favorite surf spot.

May 012009


Happy Lei Day! We recently discovered a new little nook with an amazing coastal trail and a perfect left-hand lineup that’s bound to light up when the swell bumps. That means it would be good to surf in the right conditions. Like most of the hidden gems here on Kauai, invitations to places like this are given as gifts worthy of a lifetime of appreciation. Waves are in the weekend forecast so you can guarantee that we’ll be putting this spot on our surf check list.

Apr 182009


There’s nothing better than a lazy morning followed by a little bike ride down to the beach for a dip. After a hard week’s work it’s definitely nice to have a little reward. Can’t wait to have more visitors to share the paradise with. Any takers?

Nov 132008

Check out the little video we put together of last week’s H20 adventures. Enjoy!

Oct 252008


Here are a couple shots from Friday afternoon on the North Shore. We we’re up taking photos at the Princeville Resort’s Liquidation Sale and got to see the view from their huge lanai. It was a beautiful day to say the least. More swell is in the water today and tomorrow too… Shaka!


Oct 182008


Here’s one more picture from the last swell. The Kauai report was calling it 9-12 feet on the Hawaiian scale which measures the back of the wave. This can translate to 18-24 foot wave faces for most haole surfers. It’s difficult to measure the full scale and power of the waves from a picture so you’re better off coming out for a visit! For more pictures from Oahu’s North Shore, be sure to check out Surfline’s First Blood slideshow.