Oct 152012

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Here’s a quick gallery of all the fun things we did with Momma Ruth and Big Daddy Wags a few months ago. Highlights included daily snorkeling and beach adventures, incredible dinners every night, Smith’s “Tropical Paradise” Luau with Pele the goddess of fire, a visit to the neighborhood swimming hole, and trying to pose for pictures that make it look like we’re rock climbing. We also had an awesome fourth of July celebration with live music and fireworks at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kekaha. And to top it all off, we even got to spend an entire day on a boat with friends in Hanalei bay! As always, it was a memorable trip and we can’t wait for the next visit!

Oct 012012

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These little guys were the newest addition to our ohana, nearly four months ago… I’ve been a bit behind posting updated pictures. They’re just about fully grown now, but still as cute as day one. Our older chickens have been producing fewer eggs lately and I think they’re getting nervous with the replacements moving in. Although the newbies aren’t quite old enough to start laying yet, we should be expecting large brown triple grade A++ eggs within another month or two. Can’t wait!

Sep 112012

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Here are the results of my first project as a Yearbook Teacher! This collage shows every student’s work from my 6th-8th grade Yearbook Class. Students used Adobe Photoshop to create a Wanted Flier reminiscent of outlaws in the Wild West. The fliers includes five examples of exceptional behaviors or actions that each student is “Wanted For”. Within each example students were required to incorporate theme-specific western language that ties their text to the Western era. Technical requirements for the project involved simulating the look of aged paper with multiple grain enhancing filters, creating burnt edges with different brush techniques, choosing theme-appropriate colors/fonts, and constructing a thoughtful layout to maximize the visual impact of their end result. Leading into the school’s yearbook theme and cover contest, this project served as a great introduction to page layout and theme-related content. Nice work, Yearbookers!

Sep 092012

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Here are the results of my first project as a digital media teacher! These collages show every student’s work from my two classes of 6th-8th grade Gifted and Talented. Students used a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create inspirational posters that included a motivational quote, their digital signature, and stylized photos. Technical requirements for the project involved using multiple gradients for the background, a minimum of two artistic filters applied to one central image, visible blending options on every layer, and a cohesive layout that easily communicates each student’s message. I am incredibly impressed with the outcome!

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Aug 312012


CLICK HERE to see Catie and Jason’s couple photography and maternity session. Taking place along Kauai’s Southern Poipu Coastline, their session was perfectly lit with that incredible golden hour of tropical glow just before sunset. This easy going couple looked so at home in each other’s arms, and it was difficult for us to stop taking pictures as their love was so apparent. Caitie was up for anything, not a single complaint, and simply stunning with her beautiful belly along for the ride! We hiked, we sat, we climbed, and we captured incredible imagery of this special time in their lives together. Caitie and Jason’s child will be graced with such loving parents! Aloha and enjoy the photos.

Aug 232012


CLICK HERE to see Tiara & Matt, two of Kauai’s most amazing people, get married in one of the most beautiful spots on the island! We’re lucky to be friends with this power-couple, and we’re luckier to have had the honor of photographing their incredible wedding day. The entire event took place on a grassy bluff overlooking Kilauea’s Rock Quarry Beach along the North Shore of Kauai. It was easy to become overwhelmed with emotion as everyone arrived with open arms, helping hands, and heartfelt gifts. The air was thick with the true spirit of aloha, and Tiara & Matt were simply radiant. These two are the most loving people we know. They are so deserving of each other and the long road of shared happiness that awaits. A huge MAHALO to Tiara, Matt, and all ohana… Congratulations and enjoy the photos.

Aug 122012


CLICK HERE to check out the love shared between these two Jr. High School sweethearts! It was easy to see the long history of compassion and closeness that this fantastic couple has shared for so many years. We started their Engagement Photography at Shipwreck’s and walked the trail looking towards Maha’ulepu Beach, casually stopping at several tropical backdrops along the way. The golden hour light along Kauai’s South Shore never disappoints! Thanks to these two love birds for being so relaxed and fun to work with. Congrats on your engagement and here’s to the rest of your lives together… Cheers!

Aug 042012


CLICK HERE to see Promise looking absolutely stunning in her senior portrait session. Before her final year in high school, Promise marked the occasion while visiting kauai for her Auntie’s wedding. Dramatic evening light mixed with light trades made a perfectly lit outdoor studio complete with wind machine to accentuate her long blond locks. We photographed this natural beauty playing in the waves, relaxing under palm trees, and enjoying every element of her surroundings. Thanks to Promise for being so photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera! We wish you the best and hope you enjoy the photos.

Aug 032012


CLICK HERE to check out Roxy and Angel’s elegant Eastside wedding at Kauai Beach Resort near Kapaa, Kauai. We began the day with Roxy and the girls putting on their finishing touches while Angel relaxed with his boys. Soon enough, we were on the beach like paparazzi as Roxy and Angel stole a secret moment together before the official ceremony. Just before their traditional kiss, warm sunlight spilled through the afternoon cloud cover right on queue! It was a bright and radiant end to a beautiful ceremony. We finished off their romantic portraits with Kauai’s dramatic coastline in the background and then headed towards the banquet hall for their party. Complete with Hula performances, island music, and a packed dance floor, this party was definitely off the charts, local-style! Many mahalos and a huge CONGRATS to the newlyweds, Roxy and Angel.

Jul 152012

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Our weekend camping trip to Kalalau was a last minute decision with very little planning and minimal preparation. At 10:30pm the night before we were still shopping for camelbaks and cans of soup and by 6:00am we were already on the trail. Luckily all of our camping supply was being boated in on our buddy Lorren’s fishing boat, Pole Bender. That left us with a great opportunity to run the 11 mile trail with nothing more than a couple light snacks and our newly acquired camelbaks. The panoramic shot below is from red hill, my favorite part of the trail.

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We went with marathon runners, Lina and Nancy, who kept us on pace to arrive at Kalalau in only 3.5 hours. A few sore joints later, we were lounging on the beach, playing in the water and taking in all of the sights. Before dark we hopped on Lorren’s Boat for a little expedition down the Napali Coast to Nu’alolo Kai for a little snorkeling action. We had our campfire soup for dinner, a long nights rest, and we headed home on the boat in the morning. Thanks Lorren, Lina, Nancy and Lee for a great adventure!

Jul 092012

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This is what summer is all about! A quick afternoon trip up a neighborhood trail turned into an adventure under tree roots, over fallen logs and rock hopping up river to Makaleha Falls. Only about three hours roundtrip, this hike had a huge payoff at the top. The perfect swimming hole engulfed by steep canyon walls lies just beneath the waterfall. It was a refreshing break before our journey back through the jungle. We’ve been having a great summer exploring new parts of the island and discovering treasures like this within our own neighborhood!

Jul 012012


CLICK HERE to see the Allen family’s photo session on Kauai’s breathtaking Ke’e Beach. We had an awesome time together enjoying our surroundings as we walked through the jungle path to the beach, occasionally stopping for photos along the way. The afternoon light created a warm tone throughout the Allen’s session, enhancing the colors of every photo as well as the overall experience of taking pictures at Ke’e Beach with such a beautiful family. We wrapped things up with a with vibrant sunset, right on queue! Many thanks to the adventurous Allen family for their great sense of humor and truly enjoyable personalities! Aloha and enjoy the photos.

Jun 052012

Kapaa Middle School Art students were invited to share their creative talents as part of a “store makeover” at our local neighborhood Menehune Food Mart. We partnered with graphic designer Jackie Kanna through Life’s Choices anti-drug office. Our goal was to express a positive community-friendly message and make a healthy anti-drug proclamation to Kauai’s youth. Click here to view the press release issued by Mayor Carvalho’s office.

Derek Kawakami, State House Representative and part store-owner, jumped in right next to the kids and added his own artistic contribution!

Current statistics report that on average, boys living on Kauai drink alcohol for the first time at age 11 and girls at age 13. More shocking, Kauai County has the highest amount of alcohol-dependant and alcohol-abusing 8th graders in the state. As part of this mural project, all of the students and adults who participated took a pledge for healthy and age-appropriate use of alcohol and sealed it with a hand-print on the wall.

The day concluded with a “store-reopening” ceremony, including speeches by our state senator, county officials and the school district superintendent. There was also a traditional Hawaiian blessing plus lots of media coverage. Please come by when passing through Kapahi and check it out in person!

Scroll through the full mural below…